AVC Family

Dinner Menu | Thursday 10th September

Easy instructions below for your delicious dinner tonight.

  • 5.00pm pre heat oven to 170 degrees
  • 5.30pm bake the lasagne with the lid off for 30mins, make sure it’s tender, check with knife.
  • Leave to sit on bench, keep oven on, resist the urge to taste, I will know. Have a drink, you deserve it .
  • Dress salad , shake the little dressing and apply as your heart desires, season! Please season your salad , sea / flake salt with give you the crunch .
  • Flash the garlic scrolls 5 mins before, till hot and steamy, leave the foil on .
Enjoy your lasagne & salad
Next up.. pudding!
  • Pudding, lid off , yes you can bake it in the paper tray .
  • The chocolate sauce in the large container, poor 200 ml over the pudding, this will take 30 mins , add more sauce if needed.
  • Take ice-cream out 15 mins before desert, nothing worse than hard ice cream
  • Once ready should be springy, not too overcooked.
  • Heat caramel and white choc sauce 20 secs in microwave.
  • Load as much or as little as you like, too with ice cream and loads and loads of aero chocolate and honey comb! Dig in.

With Love,
Your AVC family