New Opportunities with the New 3-Year Working Holiday Visa!


New Opportunities with the New 3-Year Working Holiday Visa!

We’re expecting that the new free trade detail between the UK and Australia will come into force in mid-2022. This is a huge win for UK residents who are excited to try living & working in Australia! To help you on your way, Australian Venue Co will pay for your flight to Australia and your first months accommodation.

What it means:

  • Working Holiday Visa age limit increases from 30 to 35 years
  • You can spend up to 3 years in the Australia
  • Australian Venue Co. will cover the cost of your flight* to Australia & 1 month of supported accommodation on arrival
  • Work & travel – travel the country, and work at your pick of 170 pubs, bars and restaurants Australia-wide

If you are currently eligible for the existing Working Holiday Visa or will be eligible for the new Working Holiday Visa and are interested in coming to Australia for a working holiday in hospitality please register your interest with us.

Register your interest & we will be in touch when visas are available. Terms & conditions apply.