Advance BOH Beginner

3min February 6th, 2024
The essentials for new cooks.

The Advance BOH Beginner program is tailored for those taking their first strides in the kitchen, this program offers the essentials of food safety and cleanliness as well as an exploration of fundamental cooking techniques and skills.
Students can expect to build a solid foundation in culinary skills, and service operations.

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Please see below for the modules and units contained within this program:

Kitchen Welcome

What’s on offer

  • Training and development in AVC
  • Who are the training team?
  • Programs
  • Culture and support

Learner resource

  • What can I study?
  • Why learn?
  • Whats in it for me?
  • Advance
  • Academy
  • Responisbilities of learning
  • Commitment and communication
  • Support during study
  • What happens when I qualify?
  • FAQ’s

Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Health and Safety

  • Looking at Responsibilities
  • Basic Emergency Procedures
  • Fire Extinguisher Use
  • How to Use a Fire Blanket
  • Chemical Spills

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Cleaning and Sanitising Methods
  • Organisation Specific Information

Food Safety

  • Why Protect Food from Contamination?
  • Types of Contamination
  • Indicators of Contamination and Spoilage
  • Deficiencies of Stock
  • Environmental Storage Conditions
  • Food Safety Procedures and Standards

Kitchen Equipment

  • Food Safety Practices for Handling Different Food Types
  • Mise En Place (MEP)
  • How to Preform MEP
  • Safety Assemble and Ensure Cleanliness of Equipment

Kitchen Preparation

Knife Skills

  • SOP for Commercial Kitchen Knives
  • Knife Sharpening – Whetstone
  • Knife Sharpening – Steel
  • Basic Vegetable Cuts

Kitchen Storage

Stock Control

  • Principles of Stock Control
  • Key Functions of Stock Control Systems
  • Organisational Procedures

Mise En Plus

  • MEP
  • Select Ingredients
  • MEP Definition
  • Confirm Food Production and Identifying Ingredients
  • Select Food Preparation Equipment
  • Portion and Prepare Ingredients
  • Cook Dishes

Cooking Techniques

Elements of Service

  • Culinary Terms Relating to Cooking Methods
  • Present Dishes
  • Garnishes and Accompaniments


  • Steaming – Dumplings

Deep Frying

  • Beer batter and Frying the Perfect Fish
  • The Perfect Parma


  • Keeping Greens Green


  • How to Poach an Egg


Working with Eggs

  • Check Perishable Products
  • Raw Egg Products
  • Alternative Egg Products
  • Prepare Eggs for Different Culinary Uses
  • Functions of Eggs in Culinary Applications
  • Eggs


Prep and Service

  • Minimise Waste to Maximise Profitability
  • Follow Standard Recipes
  • Present Dishes Attractively
  • Plating Dishes for Practicality of Service
  • Delivering Dish within Commercial Time Restraints
  • Responding to Customer Special Requests

Stocks, Sauces and Soups


  • Chicken Stocks – White and Brown
  • Beef Stock
  • Fish Stock
  • Characteristics of Basic Stocks
  • Common Derivatives of Stocks
  • Clarifying Techniques


  • Common Soups



  • Thawing Frozen Poultry


  • Thawing Frozen Seafood

Kitchen Finance

Menu Costings

  • Menu Types

Kitchen Operations

Work Effectively

  • Principles and Methods of Cookery

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