Advance FOH Emerging

3min January 3rd, 2024
Extensive course focused on developing future front-of-house leaders.

The Advance FOH Emerging program is an extensive training tool for front-of-house operations, encompassing everything from marketing and sales, financial analytics, safety compliance, to customer service excellence and venue operations. It provides students with information on social media engagement, event management, Leadership and promoting positive mental health, while also providing training in all relevant AVC systems.

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See below for a list of the modules and units contained within this program:

Marketing & Sales


  • Sports scheduling
  • POS

Worldwide Print

  • Generic Collateral
  • Bespoke venue artwork


  • Helping a Customer Purchase AVC Voucher Through Website
  • App Training Guide /The Pass
  • Redeem a Voucher
  • Creating an AVC Voucher


  • Marketing Ideas Hub
  • Venue Posters/Venue Photos Social Media
  • Monitoring POS and Relevance

Menu Flow Process

  • Menu Briefing
  • GP Tracker Menu Process
  • Menu Flow Process Beverage
  • Promo Flow

Marketing Your Venue

  • Ability to Develop Promotional Marketing Campaigns That are Effective in Driving Sales
  • Presenting Ideas with Research Analysis


  • Function Feedback
  • Venue Site Visit Training
  • What Layout is Right for your Venue and Knowing your Venues Set Up
  • How to Read a BEO /Dashboard
  • Debtors H&L

Finance / Analytics


  • Change Orders
  • Cash Clearances and Collections -FRP

Power BI

  • Workforce Planning & Why
  • WFP Bev Consolidated
  • Daily WFP bev
  • Bev top 40
  • Baseline Roster
  • Efficiency Matrix
  • ODM Report Wait Times
  • VRS Reporting Power BI


  • LAF End Of Week Reporting
  • Overheads
  • EON Banking H&L
  • EON Commentary
  • FRP – Analysis FRP Cahs Variances
  • EOW Commentary
  • Weekly KPI
  • Budget VS Actual Report


  • FRP- Introduction
  • FRP- Petty cash
  • FRP – Accommodation
  • FRP Tenders
  • FRP Gaming, KENO and TAB
  • BRM Meetings
  • Understanding your P&L


  • Approving Invoices
  • Retrieving an Invoice
  • Capex Procedure
  • Raising Capex Requests in SharePoint
  • Coding Capex Invoice in Converga and Editing the Flow

Safety & Compliance


  • Roster Training
  • Public Holiday Rostering/Guide
  • Part Time Agreement
  • HIGA Wage

HR Venue App

  • Transfer
  • Variation
  • Termination

Page Up

  • Creating a New job
  • Adding a New Applicant
  • Managing Applicants in Page Up

Basic Interview Skills

  • Skills Test & Interviewing

Employee Performance Management Procedure. Delivering Feedback in Constructive Manner

  • Managing Workplace Absenteeism
  • Managing Conduct Issues
  • Managing Performance
  • Probation and the Minimum Employment Period


  • Rockstar Shift
  • EAP
  • Initial Care
  • Incident Matrix
  • Authority Inspections
  • Disciplinary Discussion Templates


  • Incident Reporting
  • Elumina Dashboard

Able to Clearly Communicate and Train on AVC Policies and Procedures

  • Full Understanding of Venue Policy & Procedure
  • All Safety and Compliance 100% completion
  • Beerline Cleaning


  • Timesheet Exemption
  • Cut off/Processes

Promotes Positive Mental Health in Venue

  • Safe Spaces


  • AVC New Starter Training Day
  • EEO / Harassment & Bullying Training
  • Food Handling Course Internal
  • CPR Training – First aid certificate – Certificate on File
  • Gaming Venue – RCG Licence (if required)
  • TAB venue – TAB Licence and TAB Management Training (if required)
  • WHSR Training Certificate
  • NSW/QLD Accredited Manager (if applicable)
  • Licensee First Step Certificate on File

Operations Venue - General


  • Workplace 101


  • Mix & Match
  • Check to see any variances in my COGs
  • How to Check a Product Recipe
  • How to Check What Decrements from a Product
  • How to Print a Tax Invoice for Tables and Functions
  • Inter Venue Stock Transfer
  • How to Add a Button Onto your Keymaps
  • Sales Reports
  • Venue Stock Transfer
  • Running EOW After Stocktake
  • Discounts
  • How to Run Cost Analysis Reports
  • PLU Sales Ranking
  • H&L Stock
  • Setting up Stocktake Group Selection
  • Invoicing
  • Reports
  • Why Does POS ask for INV Codes part1
  • why does POS ask for INV Codes part2
  • What is sysinfo
  • Adding a New User
  • Stocktake Pocedure


  • Approving Time Sheets
  • Availability check
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Template Rostering to Budget
  • Publish & Confirming Shifts
  • How to Find Forecast to Hit Budget Labour
  • Working Out How Much you Can Spend on a Casual Roster From Forecasted Sales
  • Hf quick Links
  • Pulling a Daily Run Sheet From HF
  • Worked Hours Report
  • Changing Rostering Filters
  • Adding a Roster Into HF
  • Adjusting Timesheets
  • Forecasting Sales in HF
  • Adding Black Outs
  • Public Holiday Worked VS Not Worked


  • How to Add Playlists
  • Volume Control-In Venue System


  • Job Status
  • Job Quote “Job quote, awaiting SOM – oracle”
  • How to lodge a job

Review Tracker

  • Dashboard
  • Replying to Reviews
  • Keywords Deep Dive

Muse Training

  • Muso introduction
  • Logging Into Muso
  • Getting Familiar with the Platform
  • Booking Process Overview
  • My Acts
  • Inviting New Suppliers
  • Muso Booking Commissions
  • Drafting Events in your Calendar
  • Time Savers
  • Sending Offers to Artists in the Venue Roster
  • Agent Booked Events
  • Draft Vs Booked Gigs
  • Weekly Timesheet Review
  • How Payments Work in Muso
  • Muso Help Centre
  • In App Tutorials
  • AVC SharePoint
  • Contacts

Security Staff Management and CCTV Operations

  • Can Liaise with Security and Roster on Shift
  • Can Save CCTV Footage on Hard Drive
  • Full Understanding of CCTV Operations Venue Specific
  • When Would CCTV Footage Need to be Saved


Health and Wellbeing

  • Factors Affecting Wellbeing
  • Promote Organisational Wellbeing
  • Increase Team Wellbeing
  • Promote Personal Wellbeing
  • Seven Dimensions of Employee Wellbeing
  • Effective Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • Implement an Organisational Wellbeing Strategy
  • Wellbeing Program Development
  • Solicit Feedback
  • Employee Engagement
  • Review Strategy
  • Wellbeing Strategy and Change

Building Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Daniel Goleman’s 5 elements to Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Work Related Stress and Stressors
  • Responding to Stressors or Triggers
  • Seek Feedback
  • Developing and Managing EI in Others
  • Communication Cues
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Harnessing Emotional Agility
  • Meeting Individual Needs – Flexibility
  • Emotions and Decision Making

Leading Effective Operations

  • Effective Operations – Introduction
  • Daily Run Sheet
  • Team Objectives and Work Processes
  • Supporting Teams
  • Characteristics of Leadership
  • Common Leadership Styles
  • Situational Leadership

Promote Team Cohesion

  • Collaboration & Involve TM
  • The ‘how to’ of Great Feedback
  • Issues, Concerns and Problems
  • Role Model
  • Supervise Team Performance
  • Participation and Accountability
  • Challenges Happen – Conflict
  • AVC’s Expectations
  • Liaise with Management – Introduction
  • Communicate Openly with Management
  • Fundamental Principles of Open Communication
  • Advantages of Open Communication
  • Communication From Management to the Team

Lead and Facilitate a Team

  • Team Objectives
  • Performance Planning Process
  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
  • Accountability

Coordinate Teams and Individuals

  • Communicate Responsibilities
  • Task Allocation
  • Diversity
  • Practice Inclusive Behavior
  • Intra team communication and Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Cross Collaboration

Support Team

  • Task Related Issues and Inefficiencies
  • Problem Solve
  • Development Opportunities

Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

  • Leading Effective Workplace Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • 10 Common Signs of Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution Process
  • Conflict Resolution Styles


  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment Process
  • Onboarding
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • Workforce Planning

Monitor Operational Performance

  • Operational and Productivity Performance

Communication Strategies

  • Respectful Communication
  • Effective Listening Techniques
  • Common Communication Challenges
  • The 7 C’s of Communication
  • Communicating Performance Feedback
  • Act When Receiving Feedback
  • Email Communication
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Delivery Style

Managing Performance and Conduct

  • Managing Performance and Conduct Guidelines
  • Approaches for Addressing Underperformance or Misconduct
  • Formal Performance Meeting Process
  • Considerations When Managing Poor Performance
  • Reasonable Managment Action & Procedural Fairness
  • Useful Conversation Principles
  • Stakeholder Input
  • Document Conversations
  • Support Services
  • Action Follow-up & Evaluate Effectiveness
  • Areas for Improvement

Understands and Enforces all General Legislative Requirements

  • RSA
  • Liquor License
  • Gaming
  • Food Safety
  • Tobacco




  • Ebev Overview
  • How to Place an Order Through Ebev
  • Purchase Orders & Invoicing 1
  • Purchase Orders & Invoicing 2
  • Purchase Orders & Invoicing 3
  • How to Create Order Templates

Venue Operations - Gaming


  • Cashing in a Ticket
  • RSG Refresher
  • Payout
  • Trouble Shooting all Gaming Machines
  • Compliance
  • Clearance ORT Cash Redemption Terminal
  • Balancing the Safe
  • VRS Banking
  • Entering Turnover Revenue
  • Gaming Room Maintenance
  • EOM Reporting, VRS
  • EOM Reporting Max Gaming Balance Report


  • Entering in VRS
  • Balancing Safe
  • TAB Cheques
  • Processes


  • Gaming Compliance

Venue Operations - F&B

Order at Table (Me&u)

  • Edit & Add Specials
  • Wait Times & Removing Sold Out Items
  • Using Reports and Their Functions
  • Specials Set by OAT
  • How to Add Pick up to your Me&u
  • How to Set-up Pre-orders to Private

ODM/Trouble Shoot

  • Google Chrome Updates -Trouble Shoot
  • How to Send New Products to ODM
  • How to Increase/Decrease the Size of your ODM Screen
  • Turning on Auto Expedite

Pass Operations – 7Rooms

  • Bookings/General Reservation (IPAD) 1
  • Bookings/General Reservation (IPAD) 2
  • Bookings/General Reservation (IPAD) 3
  • Manage Servers
  • Editing your Floor Plan
  • Auto Assigning/Assigning Tables (IPAD)
  • Creating a Waitlist/Walk in Tables
  • How to Collect, Store & Charge Credit Cards
  • Pre-shift (IPAD)
  • Managing Client Profiles
  • Customising your Pre-shift Filters

Uber Eats

  • Reviews
  • Charging off Uber Eats at EON
  • Removing OOS Items
  • Updating Trading Hours /Holiday Hours
  • Adding New Items or Categories
  • Refund Process
  • Operations

AVC Live

  • Placing an Order Bar Fruit & Consumables
  • Placing an Order by Template
  • Maintaining Order Templates
  • Receiving an Order
  • Creating Order Templates
  • Placing an Order by Supplier
  • Raising a Credit
  • Recording Wastage

Product Knowledge

  • Wine -Know your Venue
  • Product Knowledge – Beer
  • Beer Basics
  • Beer
  • Wine Basics

Cellar Management

  • Cellar Maintenance

Venue Operations - Accomodation


  • AVC Room Standards
  • AVC Room Standards Continued -Standardised Room Items
  • AVC Room Standards, Continued – Fixtures Schedule
  • AVC Room Standards Continued – Standard Bed
  • AVC Room Standards Continued – Finishing
  • AVC Room Standards Continued – Room Set-up
  • RMS System
  • Reservations/Payments – Creating a Credit Card Token/Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Payments – Creating a Credit Card Token/Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Front Office
  • SOP Front Office
  • Finance/Accommodation
  • Guest Experience

In the spirit of reconciliation, Australian Venue Co. acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

Australian Venue Co. is a place free from discrimination, where everyone belongs. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our communities, including people of all cultural and faith backgrounds, classes, gender and sexual identities, ages and abilities and we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for all.