Our Partnership with Sacred Heart Mission

It all starts at the table at Sacred Heart Mission. A simple meal is the first step in improving people’s lives and everyone is always welcome at their table.

For over 35 years the Mission’s Dining Hall on Grey Street has been, and remains, at the heart of their organisation. Today it is one of the many ways they connect people who are the most vulnerable in our community, to a range of services that offer them the opportunity and support to live stable and fulfilling lives as they choose.

Australian Venue Co. has partnered with Sacred Heart Mission to support the Mission’s Meal Program. The Meals Program provides, hot, hearty and free meals daily to those experiencing homelessness, social isolation and disadvantage. Like our venues, the Dining Hall at Sacred Heart Mission creates positive experiences and promotes strong connections within the community.

You can help us support this worthy cause by donating online below or participating in the various events hosted during the Dine With Heart Campaign throughout May.