5 Minutes with…Telina Menzies

3min November 13th, 2019
It's all about damn good chicken delivered straight to your door.

We’re chatting to Executive Chef Telina Menzies about her latest brainchild Dirty Birdie. Available exclusively on UberEATS, it’s all about damn good chicken delivered straight to your door. These guys don’t take themselves too seriously, after all food is meant to be fun. Time to get dirty!

Meet Telina

Hey T, wanted to chat today about Dirty Birdie…the food not the origins of your nickname…

My girlfriend and I always called fried chicken Dirty Bird so it was an easy choice! I’ve always wanted to create a brand with this vibe so Dirty Birdie was a no brainer – it’s my dream brand!

The focus was a sexy take on fried chicken with some luxe additions in the champagne and caviar. Dirty Birdie messaging is centered around the fact that you can be a fit and sexy female but still smash some fried chicken, which is very obvious with our cheeky photoshoots.

Uber Eats First

As Australian Venue Co’s first UberEATS only brand how much do you think the virtual restaurant approach will play a part in the future of Australian eating habits?

Aussies are huge on good food and the movement shows that people still want restaurant quality food but may not always want to leave the house to get it.

With this in mind we have created the menu to have some variety. There is always one person who wants to shred for stereo and then another who wants to let loose on some fried chicken. You can get your fried fix as well as a healthy bowl if you’re looking to keep the waistline in check.

In a restaurant, you have the opportunity to be creative with everything from the crockery to the way the food is plated up. For a delivery brand, we had to focus on bringing not only the food into your dining room but the brand too. All the packaging has fun hashtags stamped on it and colourful stickers…you’ll have to order it to find out what it says!

You’ve been in the food game a while, how has the vego-vegan movement changed your menu development process and what other things did you try to fry before you decided Broccoli was the winner?

Even though Dirty Birdie has a heavy focus on fried chicken we wanted the brand to have something for everyone. We’ve got fried broccoli, roasted cauliflower, eggplant bowl and our kickass plant-based burger patty! Most of our sides are vego friendly too.

For our chicken-less fried chicken we tried eggplant and cauliflower but ended up finding the pick of the bunch was our buffalo broccoli.

Chicken & Tattoos

You’re no stranger to a tattoo gun…do you have any/would you be willing to get a Dirty Birdie inspired chicken tattoo? 

If our CEO pays for a Dirty Birdie Tattoo I’ll get one, fried chicken tattoo coming soon!

Can you tell us what your secret spices and herbs are for dirty birdie?

If I told you I would have to kill you.

Quickfire round…

Hangover cure?
Fried Chicken – from Dirty Birdie of course.

Coffee – Black or white?
Cold drip 4 lyf

3am “on the way home” feed?
Triple cheeseburger – it was filet o fish for a while but wasn’t satisfying the needs

Drink of choice?
Beer – Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

One food you can’t stand
Rockmelon or cooked pineapple. Pineapple on a pizza is a crime.

Telina, pleasure as always – looking forward to smashing a Hawaiian pizza with you soon!

Dirty Birdie is currently available in the Richmond area on UberEATS, keep an eye out cause it may be popping up near you soon.

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