Perth’s Golden Rule Cocktail Crawl

3min November 26th, 2018
Two parts alcohol, one part sour, one part sweet, be sure to read on, you're in for a treat!

The golden rule to create any kick ass cocktail is as simple as two,one, one. Two parts alcohol, one part sour, one part sweet. You can stop wondering “how did that hipster behind the bar with the curly moustache and a little too much confidence get a bunch of liquids to taste so damn mind blowingly good?”.

To embrace this simple yet effective formula we present ‘The Golden Rule Cocktail Crawl’ each stop representing the makeup of a cocktail.

Let’s set the scene; The sun is shining on the Swan, the buskers are out in full force on Murray Street, thongs are suitable for every occasion, and cocktails after work aren’t just for Friday’s anymore.

Two Parts Alcohol

Starting at one of Perth’s oldest pubs, The Globe with a strong drink to represent the two parts alcohol. Ask the barkeep for one of their finest Old Fashioned. A base of bourbon, whiskey or rum the choice is yours. This stiff classic will put hairs on your chest and get you primed for stop two.

One Part Sour

Moving up the road and around the corner to Perth’s favourite laneway haunt we’re treating you to the sour chapter of this excursion. Escape to South America at Wolf Lane with their Mexico’s Ruby cocktail, a tequila lovers dream that packs a hell of a grapefruit punch. Now we’ve picked a base, added some sour, we think it’s time for some sweets.

One Part Sweet

Next stop The Aviary, Perth’s biggest and best rooftop. For our sweet ingredient we’re tackling the espresso martini menu. You’re probably feeling a little confident by now so we recommend the Espresso Jar-tini. Shake that bad boy yourself, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour, you’ve earned it…kinda.

Feeling inspired? Check out Wolf Lanes cocktail masterclass or The Guildford Hotels DIY cocktail menu and whip up some liquid gold of your own. For our friends in Freo, head up to Sweetwater Rooftop and get fruity with the Sweetwater Smash.