Black Friday + Cyber Monday Frenzy

2 min November 26th, 2021

20% Off Gift Vouchers

Have you forgotten Christmas is around the corner? Do you just love a discount? Or maybe you need a quick fix and some tasty treats?

Purchase an Australian Venue Co. e-gift voucher between Friday 26th – Saturday 27th November and receive a cheeky 20% discount for Black Friday.

And don’t worry, no one will know – we’ll keep your discount a secret so you can surprise those you love (or yourself) with something everyone wants. No one will be re-gifting this one.

So if you’re bargain hunting and need to buy interstate relatives a gift, with 170+ pubs and bars across Australia to choose from, there are hundreds of sips and tastes to enjoy. Check it out here.

Loyalty Rewards x 2

Hey big spender, this one’s for you!

Earn double loyalty reward points with every purchase you make via the Australian Venue Co. app for four days.

Monday 29th November until Thursday 2nd December are the dates you’ll need. So find a date and make it a date.

Get sippin’, get ordering and get happy with this limited-time offer. You can squeeze double the love out of that cocktail by skipping the bar line and ordering without even getting up. But you’ll need to come prepared, get appy before you arrive – download it here.